Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Chyawenprash and Peach

The Kope girls are really into Chyawenprash right now. A traditional Indian sweet condiment, chyawenprash can be spelled a multitude of different ways and is near impossible to remember the name of, you just keep asking whichever Kope girl is nearest by (and hey, you say that w as a v sound, y'all.) It’s a dark, thick paste, made of lots of herbs and spices, and forest honey. It combines every taste, sweet, sour, spicy- no small feat. To my underdeveloped palate it tastes cinnamony with a familiar apple pie spice type vibe- but with wild spice action and health food store things going on behind the curtains. 
Read the ingredients, it will trip you out. In a good way though. It’s great when you add a little to yogurt with a little honey and chia- tastes a little like fall.

But the other day Meredith made these great smoothies that were perfectly balanced between late summer and early autumn.

Chyawenprash and Peach Smoothies

1 quart sized freezer bag of frozen summer peaches
1 hearty spoonful of Chyavenprash.
A healthy splash of raw cow’s milk
A shake of a jar of coursely ground flax

Mer just threw all that stuff in a big bowl and mixed with a handheld blender. Then she put it into glasses and garnished them with a cinnamon stick and a tiny mint sprig. They were so baller.

The taste and color are just like that low sunlight of a late summer day's late afternoon.

Mer made a sweet arrangement for a get-well-soon present

And, lastly, us. (artist's rendering)

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