Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekend in Ouaga

My friend was on the phone speaking with her mother and told her she was going to Ouagadougou for the weekend. Her mother replied, "Now how do you pronounce that."

Basket of carrots taking a short break from a woman's head while she talks to a friend at the Ghanaian Embassy.

Spent the weekend in Ouaga with a lovely group of expats (french, dutch, australian, american) for Fespaco, the pan-african film festival of Ouagadougou. It was a really good weekend. Once I got over the initial overwhelming bustle of a city like that, I was able to get to know Ouaga a little better and enjoy it. Not well enough to get around, by any means, but enough to want to maybe someday learn.

My friend Cara excels at selecting hotels.

Sunny and calm morning at the Ghanaian Embassy

Gabonese filmmaker Nadine Otsobogo made a short film called Dialemi, Elle s'amuse about a sculptor and his muse.

Lula Ali Ismail from Djibouti directed and starred in Laan, another short film which I sort of understood.

Touring the bronze workshop. Melting down some faucets and things.
A form for bronze

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