Monday, April 15, 2013

Kinfolk's Spring Playlist

"'Spring ephemeral' describes a life habit of perennial woodland wildflowers which develop aerial parts (i.e. stems, leaves, and flowers) of the plant early each spring and then quickly bloom, and produce seed. The leaves often wither leaving only underground structures (i.e. roots, rhizomes, and bulbs) for the remainder of the year. This strategy is very common in herbaceous communities of deciduous forests as it allows small herbaceous plants to take advantage of the high levels of sunlight reaching the forest floor prior to formation of a canopy by woody plants. Examples include: spring beauties, trilliums, and harbinger of spring. "
(from wikipedia)

Yes, the weather's been crazy. 

Check out this assortment of fleeting spring feelings from the folks at Kinfolk.

still need more inspiration? Check out this article on the Nature of Design from Yestermorrow Design and Build School.

In other news, someone nicknamed Lauren 'Folk Laur.' 

Here is a list of Spring Ephemerals. WHAT A WONDERFUL TIME OF YEAR.

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