Thursday, March 12, 2015

about the author

Hi there.
I'm Kate, I'm based in the hills of Western Virginia, with winter time in New Orleans and occasional forays to other places.

This is my personal blog where I explore some of my interests: daikon radishes of unusual size, homesteading, ecological design, foraging and farming/gardening. I'll also share some of my work/interests in social stuff like justice, equity, race/gender/class, hopefully contributing to a larger conversation where we envision resilient and inclusive alternatives to our current situation. I do (or did?) a lot of work with local food systems which will probably come through here.

There is also some rambly musings, poetry, and haiku rants. I am passionate about nature connection both at the personal level and as an educator (thanks in part to this book).

I'm also generally pretty into travel and adventure ("You spelunk?!") Holler!

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