Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Gift Ideas

For Him

Ladies (and dudes)...
We know you need to get some awesome gifts for some awesome men in your life.
We got some ideas.

1. Straps of Glory handmade in Virginia leather belts: We all know men's fashion is not rocket science, but it can't hurt to have a real life rocket scientist accessorizing you. Kate's friend Ryan is a PHD candidate in Propulsion (I know, I know) at UVA, and also an artisan beltmaker. If you're in Northern Virginia or the Charlottesville area, he can even hand-deliver. Be sure and check out the action shots. Do submit one if you choose to get a belt. Beltmaker, beltmaker, make me a belt...

2. This sweet Mortar and Pestle is a really good price and a really good find. It would be a great tribute to a man's prowess in the kitchen, especially good for making, say, spice rubs.

3. Local Whiskey doesn't really need any further explanation. Catoctin Creek, more specifically, has won quite a few awards for their whiskey as well as their sustainable practices. 

4. A Tobacco Pipe makes a great gift, though this is an expensive example. You could also get some local or sustainable tobacco, or a pouch.

Other ideas: A freaking Michael Hurley CD. A Ferrari. Some Steak.

Thanks y'all. P.S. Please no one show Kate's dad this post. You'll ruin Christmas.

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