Friday, December 21, 2012

Gift Ideas pt. 3

One last gift guide... we know it's pretty last minute. This one is nice things for couples, families, or hostess gifts.

1. Locally Roasted Coffee. Check out Central Coffee Roasters in Sperryville or Winchester Coffee Roasters in Winchy- retails at King Street Coffee in Leesburg.... Shouts out!

2. Antique Herb Planter. Take an old container like a drawer (our example) or antique tin and turn it into a planter. just line it with some plastic and put some gravel in the bottom for drainage. Meredith recommends trailing rosemary, trailing mint, or lemon verbena. 

3. Succulents. The most hippest plants right now. These are cute on Etsy. I've even seen them in the grocery store. They are super easy to take care of. 

4. Ceramic Egg Carton. This is from anthropologie. It's adorable, but you should get two, nobody has that few of chickens or can keep up with eating that many eggs. 

A few other ideas: infuse some liquor: ginger + whiskey, rosemary + gin (okay, haven't tried this, but we think it sounds like it tastes like a christmas tree,) cinnamon + bourbon....or infuse a simple syrup (lavender is a good on) and you can use it in teas, cocktails, and desserts. 

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