Saturday, April 25, 2015

Web Favorites

Wanted to share some pieces from around the web that I've come across lately and really enjoyed.

First, here's a video piece from an actress, Amandla Stenberg (she plays the lovable Rue in the Hunger Games.) I'm not usually into the idea that hollywood actors should be our go-to experts on stuff, but I really liked what she had to say about cultural appropriation, and she reminded me how important and relevant pop culture is to many of the people in my society, even though I don't actively tend to keep up with pop culture. Kudos, Amandla. (image via @msheatherbates)

Next, I thought this piece was uber cool about the needs of new moms as they recover from labor, and, for me, it fits in to a greater conversation about associations of people vs. institutions/delivery systems, (image credit Jaime Razuri via link)

That note about the dichotomy of associations vs. institutions led me on a rampage to dig up something I'd read a couple years ago from Asset-Based Community Development. I've basically been brain-farting this for about two years. It's long, I'm getting ready to re-read it. I remember really liking it, you might too, if you geek for social science and better models. Here are two photos I took of it (which fueled my detective work) and here's the link

Okay, lastly, brace yourselves, this utterly fascinating piece about ecological anomolies, like osage oranges, and how they were originally food for freakin megafauna. MEGAFAUNA! (image credit wolfmansf via link)

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