Tuesday, May 19, 2015

May, as it is.

This is a group of images portraying my homestead in rural Virginia. These images encapsule a moment, namely Tuesday, May 19th around 6:15pm. They are not curated, or styled, or filtered. They do not fit neatly into a before/after dichotomy (oh, internet,) since they are all after something and before something else. They portray the real, live mess of ongoing projects, the fury of spring, and the sigh of fading light. They show the moment when two springtime hands and two springtime feet stand before all there is to do, grow fresh calluses and curse the idle hands of winter, who did the devils work of wild ambition. But the curse is a laughing one and a loving one and our backs and shoulders and arms are waking up, stretching, growing stronger. Sometimes we stagger at all there is to do but have to remind each other of all we've accomplished in the first month of spring.

 Junk-pile spray-paint glory.

 clay and rust

 new sink holder born of a old restaurant booth, a sink from a dumpster, and the hands and minds of some rad friends who visited along their way from Nola to Maine. 
 the labyrinth, for full moon walks. 

 cherry babies



 Three little pigs, and the difference between they pen they inhabit and the area they'll expand into, they have been busy.
 a lawn ornament.

 locust babe, I planted you.
A lovely place to come do some deep sneezing.

There it is, a day in May. Thanks for taking a peek, friends. If you want to come and visit, please do. Especially if you are handy with tools or plants. Especially if you're in a city and want to come out for some quiet, some work, some whiskey and fire.

Also, a little note, friends and readers, remember to check your selves, your partners, your kids for ticks. It's real out there!

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  1. These are very beaux! Hope one day I'll come there pour me reposer ;-)